Aspotlagers boven 200 kmh

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    Shell GadusRail S4 HS EUFR

    Smeervet - Shell GadusRail S4 HS EUFR

    Voorheen: Nerita Grease 2858

    Advanced Railroad Axle Box Grease Customer Benefits
    Cost Savings via
    + Reduced grease consumption due to lower the excellent sealing capabilities of the grease, that prevents leakage from the labyrinth, that result from in house quality control that gives an excellent quality lithium soap
    + Large reduction in downtime that result from the use of the latest in house grease & XHVI base oil technology from Shell, that results in grease of unsurpassed performance proven for use in the latest generation of high speed trains
    + Lower maintenance costs due to the protection that comes from using an exceptional quality grease designed to meet the rigours of daily high speed service individually batch tested to ensure that extended service will be trouble free
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